About Dr. Goodwin

Dr. Goodwin is a consulting  neuropsychologist in private practice in Edmonds. , he practiced in Park City, Utah, where he pursued his passion for powder skiing, snowboarding, making surf trips and music, with of course, some time left over to practice neuropsychology.

, he has been in active practice in clinical and forensic neuropsychology, with a primary specialty and interest in traumatic brain injury and injury related problems.

He has co-authored with neuropsychiatrist Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD covering the topic of evaluation and treatment of mild traumatic brain injury, which has been released in the text book “Evaluation and Treatment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury” through Erlbaum Publishing.

Dr. Goodwin is also the founder of PsyCorps, a non-profit disaster relief organization with a primary mission of global mobilization of culturally indigenous psychological support teams to provide the second echelon of support and psychological first aid for survivors and caregivers after natural and man-made disasters

Some of his lectures include:
  • Florida State judges convention on the topic of presenting psychological testimony to the court.
  • The Utah State Trial Lawyers annual convention as a mild closed head injury expert.
  • Numerous insurance company workshops, chiropractic meetings, and emergency room physician groups.
  • A regular lecturer for Medical Consultants Network on the topics of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Somatization and Postconcussive Syndrome.
  • Keynote speaker at the Washington State Defense Trial Lawyers annual conference.
  • Guest lecturer for the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.
  • Speaker at Brain Injury Association of Washington Seminars